Lots of people don’t like to pay HOA fees; you may be one of them.  Actually, very few areas in Prescott have extremely high HOA fees, and in many cases you might just be happy to pay them.  We explain in this video.

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  • Yavapai Regional Medical Center has 136 beds and is fully accredited. If you are in a car accident and life-flighted out, the helicopters take you here. It is the best hospital in the local region, and it is five minutes from downtown Prescott. Two campuses are available – one in Prescott and one in Prescott Valley.
  • Northern Arizona Veterans Administration Health Care System offers 25 beds, plus 120 beds for domiciliary care and a 90-bed nursing home care unit and long-term care facilities.
  • There are several world-class medical complexes in nearby Phoenix for cancer treatment and the like.

Assisted living, nursing facilities, etc.

Adult Center

The Center is the new “Place to Play” for Prescott-area adults aged 18 & over.  The Adult Center of Prescott offers nearly 21,000 square-feet of space for adult-oriented recreation, education, & entertainment, including a ballroom/auditorium with a 4,000 ft. ‘floating’ dance floor. 

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