Home Considerations

Here are some important factors to consider when searching for and evaluating potential areas to live and specific homes that are available…

Lots of people don’t like to pay HOA fees; you may be one of them.  Actually, very few areas in Prescott have extremely high HOA fees, and in many cases you might just be happy to pay them.  We explain in this video.

In this video we give you the inside scoop on 55+ communities that everyone else is afraid to say out loud.

Single Stories
We get it: People don’t like stairs.  But it’s more complicated than you might think.  In this video we lay it all out for you.

Considerations: Going Remote

  •  Private Water & Sewer
  •  Propane
  •  Septic Systems
  •  Well Water
  •  Hauled Water

Considerations: Swimming Pools