Prescott has no shortage of great places to eat.  Here are some favorites.  Places within walking distance of the downtown Square are marked with an star (*).

Breakfast: Some great ways to get yourself started…

Burgers: This town does GREAT burgers.

Chains: If you’re looking for something that you already know, we do have some chains…

Exotics: In the mood for something a little more adventurous?

  • Atmesfir*: Fine, fine dining in intimate venue with chef and kitchen on display. Owned and operated by caring and passionate family.
  •  El Gato Azul*:  Tapas.  
  •  Taj Mahal*: Great Indian fare.  Lunch buffet.
  •  Raven Cafe*: Hipster vibe.  Extensive beer, wine and coffee offerings. Upstairs area is really cool and has a great view.
  •  Barley Hound*: Great outdoor seating available.  Get the duck tacos.
  •  BiGA: Modern, snug kitchen offering New American sandwiches & entrees

Italian: This town does Italian extremely well.  All of these are wonderful.

  •  Papa’s*: Fanciest of the Italian fare.  
  •  Rosa’s*: Great venue.  Sausage sub is awesome.  Just off square on Gurley.
  •  LaBruzza’s: Bring your own wine / liquor.  A personal favorite.
  •  Limoncello*: Northern Italian.  Home-made limoncello.
Our Limoncello Video

Japanese: There are several Japanese restaurants in town.  Here are a couple that get good marks…

  •  Fujiyama: Easy drive to strip mall.
  •  Ginza*: Right off the square.

Mexican: LOTS of options for Mexican.  Here are some favorites…

  •  Los Pinos: Best frozen margaritas.
  •  Casa Alvarez*: Seating and hours are limited. But great reputation. Try the chimichanga.

Pizza: All the Italian places will do pizza too, but here it is in it’s own category…

Steak: Looking for a good piece of meat…

  •  Murphy’s*: Prescott’s high-end steakhouse.
  •  Dry Gulch: Great steaks, great prices.  Country feel.
  • The Palace (A1)*: One of the oldest saloons in the country. Servers in costume.
Our Palace Video

Seafood: You do realize you are in the middle of Arizona, right?  To really get your seafood fix, you might consider a road trip down to Phoenix, but for something quicker…

  •  Murphy’s*: Steakhouse with seafood entrees.  Happy hour raw bar is wonderful.
  •  Augie’s: Several good seafood dishes.  Best happy hour in town.

Thai: Who would think that the town of Prescott would be a Thai powerhouse, but it is.  Here are some really good ones…