Useful Numbers (PDF)

We’ve compiled loads of contact information you should find most helpful in executing your move to Prescott.  It’s a quick PDF download…

  •  Utilities: Electric, Gas, Sewer, Water, etc.
  •  Government: Police, Zoning, Library, Schools, etc.
  •  Hookup: TV, Internet
  •  Repair:  Inspector, Roofer, HVAC, Handyman, etc.
  •  Moving: Vans, Furniture Movers, Storage, etc.
  •  Vehicles: License, Car Registration
  •  Protection: Home Warranty, Insurance
  •  Health: Doctors, Dentist
  •  Pet Care: Vet, Grooming, Supply, Boarding, etc.
  •  Personal: Hair, Nails, Skin, Massage, etc.
  •  Gifts: Crafts & Special Thank Yous
Click Here to Download the Useful Number List PDF